Have you been audited or reassessed by the Canada Revenue Agency? Don’t agree with the result? We may be able to help.

The Tax Court Assistance Program is designed to assist low-income Calgarians with tax dispute resolution. Often, taxpayers are reassessed or audited by the CRA in a manner they do not believe is accurate. However, taxpayers are often unaware that they have a right to appeal CRA assessments or they do not know how to go about making a successfully appeal.

Our caseworkers can help you by:

  • Providing legal information that will help you understand your rights and responsibilities
  • Assisting you with filing objections and appeals with the Tax Court of Canada
  • Helping you establish your entitlement to childcare tax credits, disability tax credits and other credits
  • Appealing for you in court if your matter is scheduled to be heard before the Tax Court of Canada.

Current caseworkers:

Leader: Nakita McFadden
Assistant Leader: Andreina Varela
Caseworkers: Chris Johnston, Spencer Bonetti, Chris Johnson, Jaspreet Singh, Trent Blanchette, Navi Badesha


If you have a tax problem that you need help with, please call Student Legal Assistance for an intake appointment.