Services We Offer

Student Legal Assistance offers the following types of services: 


Once you have been retained by a SLA caseworker, your caseworker can make appearances in Court for you. Keep your caseworker informed of all Court Appearances you are expected to attend. A “Failure to Appear” in Court might result in a charge. SLA caseworkers may make pleas, attend Dispute Resolutions and Negotiation Proceedings, attend Early Case Resolutions, run trials etc. Caseworkers may advocate for you in the following types of Matters:

Student Legal Assistance Outreach Clinics

1) Trial Confirmation SLA students act as duty counsel for self-represented litigants in Provincial Criminal Court where the self-representatives are confirming their trials.

2) FARI (or First Appearance Resource Individual) is a clinic that is similar to trial confirmation and it runs on the first Thursday of every month.  Here SLA helps out self-represented youth charged with provincial traffic and by-law offences.  Students will speak to the youth, get an idea of their legal issues and extenuating circumstances and can use this information to help the youth speak with the provincial or municipal Crown.

3) Drop-In Centre outreach iSLA students attend the Drop In Centre downtown to provide legal information to Calgary’s homeless and needy.   Students speak to the Drop In’s clients and help out with any legal issues they might have. Additionally, if the clients qualify for SLA we can open files for them.

4) Dream Centre outreach involves the same duties as Drop In, only the Dream Centre is for men recovering from various addictions.